SF Vertikal Pro

The mixer wagon for professionals

kIntelligent design and high quality workmanship make the SF Vertikal Pro one of the best vertical mixer wagons on the market. The SF Vertikal Pro can be supplied with one or two vertical screws with a hydrostatic drive as required.

It is a high-performance device with sizes of up to 22 m³. Nevertheless, the SF Vertikal Pro stands out due to its all-wheel steering with maneuverability and the all-wheel drive ensures full off-road mobility.

No compromise

Technical specifications

Mischwerk 3 horizontale Mischschnecken mit hydrostatischem Antrieb
Befüllung Hochleistungsfutterrotor MT200 , Arbeitsbreite 2,00 m 
Austrag Querförderband mit Kette hinten links (optional rechts oder beidseitig)
Motor 218PS Volvo -Penta Turbodiesel Intercooler (Stage 5),
4 Zylinder, 5 Liter Hubraum, auf Serviceschlitten
Hydraulik Bosch Rexroth Hydraulikanlage, 3-fach Pumpenverteilergetriebe 
Fahrwerk Allradantrieb und -lenkung, Fahrbereich 0 - 40 km/h
Bereifung 385/55 R 22.5 Ru vorne und hinten


Model Volume Auger Width Heigth Length Weight
SF Vertikal Pro 1100 11 m³ 1 2.450 mm 2.650 mm 10.200 mm 10.480 kg
SF Vertikal Pro 1300 13 m³ 1 2.450 mm 2.850 mm 10.200 mm 10.850 kg
SF Vertikal Pro 1500 15 m³ 1 2.450 mm 3.150 mm 10.200 mm 11.480 kg
SF Vertikal Pro 1700 17 m³ 1 2.450 mm 3.350 mm 10.200 mm 11.780 kg
SF Vertikal Pro 1400 14 m³ 2 2.450 mm 2.650 mm 12.500 mm 13.200 kg
SF Vertikal Pro 1600 16 m³ 2 2.450 mm 2.750 mm 12.500 mm 13.800 kg
SF Vertikal Pro 2000 20 m³ 2 2.450 mm 2.850 mm 12.500 mm 14.000 kg
SF Vertikal Pro 2200 22 m³ 2 2.450 mm 3.000 mm 12.500 mm 14.500 kg


Details may vary depending on equipment, technical changes reserved.

Vertical self-propelled mixer feeder

The Hirl SF Vertikal Pro is a self-propelled mixer feeder with a vertical mixing auger and a front tiller.

Mixing feed for XL farms

The Hirl SF Vertikal Pro is a 2-auger vertical self-propelled mixer feeder with a front milling cutter.

SF Vertical Pro - for medium-sized businesses

Excellent mixing quality and extra high mixing performance with every mixing cycle. Homogeneous feed mixtures with an even discharge guarantee excellent work quality and real fun at work.

• High-end self-propelled mixer feeders

• 1 vertical mixing auger

• Front milling machine

Gigantic filling performance

The extra powerful milling rotor ensures that the 2-screw mixing container is filled quickly.

• High-end self-propelled mixer feeders for large farms

• 2 vertical mixing augers

• Front milling machine

landing gear

Hydraulic full suspension chassis as standard.

landing gear

for excellent driving comfort even at high speeds and poor road conditions.

landing gear

4 x 4 all-wheel drive with 3 steering modes, 40 km / h standard

Mineral feed flap

The mineral feed flap in the front tiller makes it easy to dose mineral feed into the mixture.

Mill from below

A high level of service and maintenance friendliness is guaranteed by installing hydraulic lines instead of hoses.

Removal height

The maximum removal height is up to 6,5 m.

Plastic screw conveyor

The ROBALON® plastic screw conveyor runs with little wear, is easy to maintain and ensures that the mixing container is optimally filled.

Conveyor belt

The SF Vertikal Pro is also available with a classic conveyor belt in the milling channel.

Cabin inside

The comfortable cabin with the clearly arranged cockpit offers an ergonomic workplace. The controls are arranged so that the driver can quickly find his way around. All the necessary displays are in the driver's field of vision.


Quiet workplace

The Hirl self-propelled vehicle impresses with a very quiet background noise in the interior of the cabin.

Outside cabin

Outwardly, the double-opening side windows guarantee a perfect view to the rear.

Engine flap closed

The motor is located in the rear of the machine and is so far away from the dirt area of the milling machine.

Engine flap open

Extra service-friendly! Filters and control points are easy to reach.

Feed discharge cross conveyor belt

Standard feed discharge with cross conveyor belt.

Available with elastic band or chain discharge

Feed discharge rear left

Optional with feed discharge at the rear left.

Available with elastic band or chain discharge.

Feed discharge front right

Optional with feed discharge at the front right.

Available with elastic band or chain discharge.

Movable feed discharge

For the intake dispenser in large operations.

Height-adjustable mixing container

The SF Vertikal Pro can be configured with a height-adjustable mixing container (telescopic). The telescopic container increases the capacity of the mixing container and thus ensures an optimal filling level.

Magnetic separator

The mixing screw can also be optionally equipped with a magnetic separator.

Magnetic separator

The magnetic separator ensures reliable separation of metallic foreign bodies - so that your animals stay healthy.

Vertical mixing screw

Slim, high auger for fast mixing and a large usable volume

Hydraulic flour hopper for small components

• Made of V2A stainless steel with feed screw

• For solid and liquid components

Hydraulic pumps: Bosch Rexroth high-performance hydraulic system. Each pump line can transmit the entire engine power.

Hydraulics: perfectly accessible. Solenoid valves and control unit can be reached without tools.

Hydraulics: Large line cross-sections ensure extra high throughput. All lines are installed in a service-friendly manner.