SF Vertikal EcoA

Small and special

The A-series of the SF Vertikal Eco is somewhat lighter than its big brother, but not less reliable, with a slightly different design and reduced power. 

The reduced operating and maintrance costs make the SF Vertikal EcoA the perfekt mixer-wagon for small and medium-sized companies.

Less power - more profit

Technical specifications

Mixing 1 or 2 vertical mixing augers with 2 speeds
Milling 360bar high performance feed rotor, width 1,80m with 600mm conveyor belt
Discharge Chain conveyor left side or transverse at he rear
Engine Dieselengine IVECO NEF (Stage 4), 4 cylinders
Hydraulic Linde hydraulic, 2-fold pump distributor gearbox
Chassis Rear wheel drive, leaf suspension front axle, speed up to 12 km/h
Tyres 295/75 R 19,5 vorne und 205/75 R 17,5 Zwillingsräder hinten


Model Volume Auger Width Heigth Length Weight
SF Vertikal Eco 1300 13 m³ 1 2.500 mm 2.800 mm 7.500 mm 8.400 kg
SF Vertikal Eco 1500 15 m³ 1 2.500 mm 3.050 mm 7.500 mm 8.650 kg
SF Vertikal Eco 1400 14 m³ 2 2.100 mm 2.650 mm 9.070 mm 10.400 kg
SF Vertikal Eco 1800 18 m³ 2 2.100 mm 2.850 mm 9.070 mm 10.850 kg


Information may vary depending on the equipment, technical changes reserved. Special dimensions on request.