SF Horizontal ProF

F like front milling machine

The F-series of the SF Horizontal Pro combines the advantages of the front milling machine (optimal overview and exact quantity control) with the advantages of horizontal mixing (even, careful mixing). This makes it one of the most accurate mixer-wagons on the market, and is also the reason for its use in leading teaching and research institutes. 

Thanks to its compact design and all-wheel steering, the SF Horizontal ProF is extremly agil and suitable for small passages and old buildings despite its high performance. Because of the front-milling, the engine in the F-series is installed at the rear. Otherwise he and his brother are identical to the SF Horizontal Pro and use the same high-quality components.

absolute precision

Technical specifications

Mixing 3 horizontal mixing augers with hydrostatic drive
Milling High performance feed rotor MT200, width 2,00m
Discharge Transverse with chain at the rear left side (optional right or both sides)

218PS Volvo-Penta Turbodiesel Intercooler (Stage 5),

4 cylinders, 5l cubic capacity, easy access slide

Hydraulic Bosch Rexroth hydraulics, 3-fold pump distributor gearbox
Chassis Four-wheel drive and steering, max. speed 40km/h 
Tyres 385/55 R 22.5 Ru front and rear


Model Volume Width Heigth Length Weight
SF Horizontal ProF 1100 11 m³ 2.371 mm 2.508 mm 10.200 mm 12.480 kg
SF Horizontal ProF 1300 13 m³ 2.371 mm 2.708 mm 10.200 mm 12.780 kg
SF Horizontal ProF 1800 18 m³ 2.441 mm 2.858 mm 10.500 mm 13.480 kg


Details may vary depending on equipment, technical changes reserved.

Food withdrawing milling rotor with 2,0 m working width.

Available with conveyer band or screw-conveyor.



All-Wheel-Drive and -Steering combined with 3 different selectable steering types, 40 km/h top speed.



4-cylinder Engine with 160 KW / 218 HP from Volvo Penta.

Plastic Screw-Conveyor


The ROBALON® plastic Screw-Conveyor is running low-wear, while also designed for easy maintenance. Additionally the optimum filling degree of the mixing-chassis is achieved.

Conveyor Band


The SF Horizontal ProF can also be ordered with the classic Conveyor Band to transport the fodder into the chassis.



Precise mixing for big and small rations, perfect discharge of the tank.

Hydraulic flour hopper (optional)

Made out of V2A stainless steel.


For solid and liquid ingredients



Optional hydraulically foldable

Fodder-Discharge: Conveyor-belt available in 7 different belt-lengths(500 | 600 | 800 | 1000 | 1200 | 1600 | 2000 mm)



Available with chain- or PVC-conveyor



The SF Horizontal ProF comes with a comfortable, roomy cabin. Equipped as standard with heating/ventilation, built-in speaker system and radio pre-installation.

Advanced Ergonomics


The workspace in the SF Horizontal ProF is equipped with motor management- and monitoring- display. It is standard, as well as diagnostics on the control terminal.

Driver-friendly cockpit


Joystick, weighting and control unit are ergonomically optimal positioned.



High-Performance Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system. Each drive train is able to transmit the full engine power.



Easy to maintain: Hydraulic solenoid valves and control unit are accessible without tools.


Big pipe diameters ensure high flow-rates. All hydraulic piping is mounted for easy service.