SF Horizontal Pro

Lifting cab

The most striking thing about the Hirl SF Horizontal Pro is definitely the lifting and rotating cabin. It enables an optimal overview when reversing and during the milling process. With the convenient joystick control, it can also be lifted and rotated while driving, allowing fast and fluid work.

With the cabin retracted, the SF Horizontal Pro is still compact enough to master its work even in narrow old buildings. The SF Horizontal Pro is the champion in the Hirl fleet thanks to the rear tiller, engine power and the fully fillable mixing container and unbeatable in its work performance (t/min).

The specialist for difficult operations

Technical specifications

Mixing 3 horizontal mixing augers with hydrostatic drive
Milling High performance feed rotor MT160, width 1,70m
Discharge Chain conveyor right side (optional left or both sides)

218PS Volvo-Penta Turbodiesel Intercooler (Stage 5),

4 cylinders, 5l cubic capacity, easy access slide

Hydraulic Bosch Rexroth hydraulics, 3-fold pump distributor gearbox
Chassis Front-wheel drive, hydraulically suspended front axle, max. speed 40 km/h
Tyres 385/55 R 22.5 Ru front and rear


Model Volume Width Heigth Length Weight
SF Horizontal Pro 1100 11 m³ 2.450 mm from 2.500 mm 8.100 mm 11.400 kg
SF Horizontal Pro 1300 13 m³ 2.450 mm from 2.750 mm 8.100 mm 11.800 kg
SF Horizontal Pro 1800 18 m³ 2.450 mm from 2.750 mm 8.800 mm 12.500 kg


Details may vary depending on equipment, technical changes reserved.

milling at the rear

The milling rotor at the rear throws the material directly into the mixing container and with this dispenses a conveyor belt or a screw, as would be the case with milling. On the one hand this protects the feed structure and on the other hand it allows the tiller to pick up depths of up to 45cm. In short: The mixing container is full faster and the quality of the food is better.


Compared to a front milling cutter, the smaller overview is provided is compensated by mirrors, camera systems or the unique lifting cabin of the SF Horizontal Pro.

The All-rounder for the tough daily use


The Hirl SF Horizontal Pro is a self-propelled Mixer-Wagon with horizontal augers and rear-mounted milling arm. The following models are available:

SF Horizontal Pro 1100 (11 m³)
SF Horizontal Pro 1300 (13 m³)
SF Horizontal Pro 1800 (18 m³)

Automotive mixer-wagon SF Horizontal Pro 

The 4-cylinder Volvo engine develops 160 kW / 218 HP, delivering enough Power for the 1,7 m wide milling-rotor (130 kW, up to 3 to/min).

• 40 km/h at only 1450 rpm

• compact design, height from 2,50 m

• simple, rugged mixing-chassis, high-performance milling rotor at the rear


• continuously variable mixing-drive. Steplessly controllable discharge

Lifted cabin

All-round visibility with lifted cabin.


Everything at a glance.

Rotatable cabin

Profit from the perfect overview with the rotatable cabin.

All-round visibility

Unprecedented 360° all-round visibility from a high point of view.

Normal drive-position

All-round visibility with cabin in normal drive-position.

360° all-round visibility

Rotate completely


The cabin can rotate completely in normal drive-position...

Normal drive-position


... as well as in the lifted position.

Mid-mounted engine


The engine is located between front-axle and mixer and accessible from the left and right side.

Engine bay opened


The cooler consists of three parts (water/oil/intercooler) sitting next to each other.

Engine bay opened


Extra maintenance friendly! Filters and service-points are easy to access.

Comfortable suspension


The Hirl SF Horizontal Pro utilises hydro-pneumatic dampers at front and back, which makes work with it at speeds up to 40 km/h on streets a highly enjoyable experience. The SF Horizontal Pro comes with big-format Truck-Tyres - on customer-request even with winter-tyre-profile.

Suspension in working position


In the lowered working position, a clean extraction happens without rests of food on the floor.

Suspension in driving-position


During driving, the suspension is in the lifted position.



Optional hydraulically foldable

Fodder discharge: Conveyor-belt available in 7 different belt-lengths: (500 | 600 | 800 | 1000 | 1200 | 1600 | 2000 mm)

Fodder discharge


Available with chain- or PVC-conveyor



The SF Horizontal Pro has a roomy comfort-cabin, as standard with heating/ventilation, built in Speakers and pre-installation of radio. For higher accessibility at maintenance and service-works underneath the cabin, the cabin lifts 60 cm hydraulically. Three Pop-Out Windows offer optimal ventilation on hot summer days.

Advanced Ergonomics


All important functions are controlled by the joystick. Additionally, the driver in the SF Horizontal S is supported by an advanced monitoring and motor management display, which is clearly visible and user friendly.

Driver-friendly cockpit


Joystick, weighting and control unit are ergonomically optimal positioned.



Counter-Blades with always-sharp Saw tooth Knives deliver an even more precise pull-through chopping of long fibre fodder. We equip our automotive diet feeder on customers request with additional knives, giving you the advantages of a shortened mixing time together with an even lower fuel consumption.

Dozer blade


A massive full-length dozer blade protects the silo plate during withdrawal.


With the specially angled and displaced withdrawal teeth, a smooth, sharp-edged surface on the face of the silage is assured. Even with a withdrawal-depth of more than 40 cm and low feed rate, there is no loosening of the silage-face and therefore warming is prevented.



The Teeth on the Rotor take the food with a rotation movement upwards. This enables an easy and more structure preserving withdrawal compared to a rotation downwards. Even food withdrawal from silage-bales, as well as bulk material, is possible.



Because of the ejection performance of the rotor and through the use of guiding plates the fodder-flow during withdrawal is concentrated in a way, that there are almost no losses at all. With correct adjustment of the dozer blade to the rotor, a clean extraction without rests of food on the floor are no problem. The possible withdrawal height on the silage is 5 meters!

Mixing body


A careful and effective mixing of your TMR (total mixed ration) is handled by 3 counter-rotating horizontal augers with the top augers closed. The main auger is a new, ergonomically shaped, open stirrer-blade-shaft. This is equipped with newly developed, always sharp saw-teeth blades which make a pulling cut for a high lifespan and gentle mixing.

manoeuvring in all (old) buildings is no problem.

Straw-bedding with the SF Horizontal Pro