Our self-propelled wagons

SF Horizontal Pro

The specialist for difficult operations


SF Horizontal ProF

F as in front tiller

SF Horizontal Eco

Simple, strong, efficient

SF Vertikal Pro

The mixer wagon for professionals

SF Vertikal Eco

The all-rounder from Hirl

SF Vertikal EcoA

Small but nice with all-wheel drive

Street legal

All vehicles in our Pro series are available with a road approval up to 40 km / h. Thanks to the hydraulic suspension, stable chassis and the appropriate tires, you can comfortably reach the specified maximum speed. The Pro-Line is therefore the perfect solution for contractors and companies with multiple locations.

Stainless steel desired

Have you ever seen an old mixer wagon with a rusted through mixer bin? Years of use and aggressive feed acids will sooner or later cause massive damage to the mixing container. If you want to completely and permanently exclude rust and paint splinters in the feed of your animals, we offer V2A stainless steel mixing containers as an additional option. This is the only way to guarantee optimal feed hygiene.

The feed discharge position

In all of our mixer wagons, the feed discharge can be adapted to your needs. Whether left, right, on both sides, or extended: depending on the feeding table and routes, we will find the optimal solution for you and your animals.

The weighing system

As standard, we use a programmable weighing system for all of our self-propelled vehicles and trailers, built on a separate weighing frame with at least 3 longitudinally mounted stainless steel weighing bars in order to achieve maximum precision.
Upon request, we can also install an upgrade weighing system with USB connection, WLAN and an interface to your tablet or management computer. Target and actual values can be compared conveniently and in real time. You have full control over your feed management.

Our service

We won't let you down! For us as practitioners with an attached farm, this is a matter of course. Our flexible, friendly and well-trained team is there for you 365 days a year. We keep all spare parts ready in our extensive warehouse so that we can be at your side at short notice in an emergency.
And play it safe with the new service contracts from Hirl Technik. Extended warranty, wearing parts package, regular maintenance and inspection by professionals let you sleep peacefully.