T Horizontal Pro und ProF

with or without removal rotor

Professional trailer

With the right towing vehicle, the

T Horizontal Pro easily any large self-propelled.

Thanks to its large usable volume (full filling possible) and the powerful performance of the rear tiller, the T Horizontal Pro can easily supply larger crops with a high-quality feed mixture.

Efficiency at low machine costs

Models without a milling machine

  Volume Width Heigth Length Weight
T Horizontal Pro 1000 10 m³ 2.200 mm 2.500 mm 6.980 mm 6.350 kg
Horizontal Pro 1200 12 m³ 2.350 mm 2.650 mm 6.980 mm 7.350 kg
Horizontal Pro 1500 15 m³ 2.350 mm 2.750 mm 7.670 mm 7.650 kg
Horizontal Pro 1800 18 m³ 2.450 mm 2.850 mm 7.670 mm 8.720 kg

Details may vary depending on equipment, technical changes reserved.

Models with a milling machine

  Volume Width Heigth Lenght Weight
T Horizontal ProF 1000 10 m³ 2.480 mm 2.600 mm 7.780 mm 7.750 kg
Horizontal ProF 1200 12 m³ 2.630 mm 2.750 mm 7.780 mm 8.750 kg
Horizontal ProF 1500 15 m³ 2.630 mm 2.850 mm 8.470 mm 9.050 kg
Horizontal ProF 1800 18 m³ 2.730 mm 2.950 mm 8.470 mm 10.120 kg

Details may vary depending on equipment, technical changes reserved.

High performance with low fuel consumption

Our T Horizontal ProF mixer wagon allows a removal depth of 45 cm and a removal height of 550 cm. With silage, up to 2 t per minute can be milled.

An upward-running removal cutter ensures this high removal rate and gentle treatment of the forage. The knives of this router are hardened on the outside and have a soft core on the inside, which means they are very stable and therefore not so easy to calculate.

An extremely robust mobile mixer that can be used flexibly

The T Horizontal mixer wagon can be used for milling silage, hay and straw bales in addition to the classic removal in the mobile silo. The tiller can pick up spent grains, CCM and compound feed directly from the ground. Liquid feed or water can be added via a feed sluice attached to the side. Lime and straw litter can also be mixed and distributed horizontally with the Hirl mixer feeder trailer.

Effective and forage-friendly three-screw mixer

The three-screw mixer works in opposite directions and is therefore particularly effective and gentle on the feed. The open agitator shaft is equipped with sawtooth knives.

On request, variably adjustable counter knives can be installed in the mixing container. These ensure better shredding of long-fiber feed. This shortens the mixing time and reduces fuel consumption.

A compact and easy to pull all-rounder

• Compact design: When hanging from below, stable passages from 2.35m high and 2.50m wide are possible.

• Very smooth machine: Depending on the gear reduction (1:33 series or 1:47 slow) from 70 HP with T 1000 Horizontal Pro / Depending on the feed rotor (OMS from 70 HP) (OMT from 100 HP)

• The all-rounder: One man, a tractor and a mixer feeder work with maximum efficiency at low machine costs

The Hirl T Horizontal Pro horizontal mixer with a powerful milling machine

New high-performance extraction technology 1.7 m wide, 64 cm diameter, with maintenance-free rotor, driven by 2 hydraulic motors with 160 cm³ each by a triple cast pump. For smaller tractors also available with 2x125 cm³ engines and slowly geared planetary gears.


The specially angled and offset removal tools result in a smooth, sharp-edged surface on the forage stock, which, despite a possible removal depth of well over 40 cm, even with a smaller feed, prevents the forage stock loosening and thus heating. The tools on the rotor remove the chuck by rotating upwards.


This results in a looser and more structure-friendly removal than with a downward direction of rotation. Feed intake from silage bales is also possible. Due to the throwing power of the rotor and the use of guide plates, the flow of forage is bundled during removal in such a way that hardly any throwing losses occur. By appropriately adapting the clearing blade to the rotor, clean removal is possible without any residue left on the ground. A removal height of up to 5 m forage stock is possible!

Removal and filling rotor:

• Rotor drum 1715 mm wide, tube diameter 450 mm, 630 mm outside diameter

• Hydraulic drive via two external hydraulic motors, two different performance variants

• Streamlined rotor hood with one-piece hinged cover at the rear

• Scraper bar on the weighing frame adapted to the rotor shape for almost complete feed intake on the silo floor

• Electrically proportional lowering throttle (stepless) for rotor arm in connection with electrical remote control

• Electro-hydraulic dead man's switch in connection with the filling rotor

Rotor types:

Rotor type MS 125:

Entry-level version for all attached horizontal mixer feeders

• 73/16 ccm cast tandem pump

• 2 x hydraulic motors type MS 125 ccm

• for tractors from 65 to 100 HP drive power (T 1000 Horizontal Pro)

• Control and rotor arm identical to the MT rotor

Rotor type MT 160:

Professional drive for all attached horizontal feed mixers

• 61/43/16 ccm Tridempump in cast iron

• 2 x hydraulic motors type MT 160 ccm

• for tractors from 80 to 150 HP drive power

Advantages of the T Horizontal ProF:

  • Removal depth up to 45 cm
  • With the removal rotor running upwards, only minimal structural losses during removal
  • Clean, smooth cut surface in the silo
  • No loosening of the feed stock by running backwards at the edge of the silo
  • No reheating in the floor
  • Almost all components can be accommodated, including silage bales
  • Fast mixing process thanks to the already dissolved feed in the mixer
  • Large removal heights of up to 5.50 m possible
  • Almost complete forage intake thanks to the rounded clearing blade on the vehicle frame
  • Precise weighing to the nearest kilo is also possible during the filling process thanks to a separate weighing frame, supported rotor arm
  • Virtually no loss of throw thanks to the streamlined rotor hood with adjustable guide plate
  • Extremely high removal and conveying capacity with at the same time the best possible feed protection thanks to the spiral-shaped, cranked knife blades
  • Two performance classes available (OMS model for smaller tractors, OMT model for maximum performance)