Chop up, mix and homogenize

The T shredder is the ideal machine to use, for example, wood waste, pre-broken, bulky coarse wood, wood packaging, bulky wood waste, industrial wood waste or construction timber, materials that were previously simply thrown away, for heating and energy generation.

Of course, this material can also be fully recycled will. Of course, this material can also be completely recycled.

Suitable for edging and branch material, for mixing and preparing compost, to shred horse and cattle manure, but also to prepare biomass for biogas plants. Mobile and stationary version with electric motor available. The Hirl T shredder is a high-performance shredder that has been specially optimized for industrial and commercial requirements.

A high-performance shredder

With the T shredder, it is easy to shred and reduce the mass of logs and large branches after pruning to a maximum diameter of 10 cm, in order to obtain wood chips for boilers or other uses.

  Auger Volume Width Heigth Length Weight
T Schredder 1300 3 13 m³ 2.350 mm 2.700 mm 6.900 mm 7.650 kg
Schredder 1502 HE 2 15m³ 2.900 mm 2.950 mm 6.300 mm 6.500 kg

Details may vary depending on equipment, technical changes reserved.

The Hirl T Schredder a high-performance shredder that has been specially optimized for industrial and commercial requirements. The Hirl T SCHREDDER is driven by the towing vehicle via a cardan shaft.

Particularly suitable for

  • Wooden packaging and wooden pallets
  • Wooden bulky waste
  • Industrial wood waste
  • Demolition timber with a limited amount of metallic and non-organic components

Crushing, mixing, homogenizing, ...

The Hirl T Schredder shreds, mixes and homogenizes solids in the following areas:

  • Composting plants
  • Humus plants
  • Biogas plants
  • Recycling companies
  • Combustion systems
  • Thermal power stations
  • Farms
  • Horse farms

Everything in one step ...

The Hirl T Schredder is a mobile, attached high-performance shredder and suitable for the production of substrate / fuel in one operation.

Safe operation by 1 person

The machine can be operated by one person alone; after the shredding process, the Hirl T Schredder empties the finished product using a chain conveyor or rubber belt, adapted to your operational requirements.

Very high throughput

The Hirl T Schredder has a very high shredding performance with a low proportion of fine grain in the finished product. The efficient shredding principle and the direct drive of the roller mean low fuel consumption and high throughput.

Hirl bio shredder

The Hirl T Schredder is also a specialist with a wide range of applications in:

  • Composting plants
  • Humus plants
  • Biogas plants

Compost and humus

Our bio shredders shred and reduce the mass of tree cuttings, grass and leaves in order to produce useful compost.

The Hirl Bio Schredder is ideal for processing biomass and is also very suitable for use in the production of compost and green waste.

Particularly suitable for

  • compost
  • Green waste
  • Fresh wood (branches, bushes)
  • pre-broken waste wood
  • bark
  • peat
  • Post-shredding of various substrates


The Hirl Biogas Schredder cuts, mixes and homogenizes biogas substrates for biogas plants.

Particularly suitable for

  • Long silage wagons,
  • Biogas substrates (e.g. sugar beets, potatoes, onions, carrots, ...)
  • Damn
  • Grass and corn silage
  • as well as empty fruit bundles (EFB)

Biogas substrates for biogas plants