Our company

From agriculture to mechanical engineering and product developer

The company Hirl Misch- und Anlagentechnik e.K. is a manufacturer of feeding technology for cattle and is a specialist in the field of bulk goods storage.

The company emerged from the farm that specializes in milk production and cattle breeding.

The business has been owned by the Hirl family since 1618. Experience from dairy farming is incorporated into the development of feeding technology; knowledge from bulk material storage and calf husbandry is the basis for the further development of Hirl products for agriculture and industry.

2020: The company is split up

At the Mertsee location, Hirl Misch- und Anlagentechnik e.K. (hereinafter referred to as HMA) continue to be self-propelled and pulled mixer wagons. In addition, HMA trades Valmetal products exclusively for Germany and Austria.

Hirl Silo & Service (hereinafter referred to as HSS) produces and sells silos and conveyor technology for all commercial bulk goods and applications at the new location in Reisbach. In addition to its core business, HSS is a service provider for well-known companies such as Big Dutchman and sells products from Altec, FR in the German-speaking area.

2016: Further diversification of the product range

SF Vertikal L:

Self-propelled vertical mixer with

1 mixing auger and front milling machine

SF Vertikal XL:

Self-propelled vertical mixer with

2 mixing augers and front milling machine

SF Horizontal M:
Self-propelled horizontal mixer with front tiller
SF Horizontal S:
Self-propelled horizontal mixer with rear milling machine and lifting cabin

2012: Hirl self-propelled

Delivery of the first Hirl self-propelled vehicles.

In addition, silos were added to the program and sales of ALTEC products began.

2011: Hirl mixed trailer

Delivery of the first Hirl trailed machines. Development and production of the Hirl self-propelled machine

2010: Hirl Misch- und Anlagentechnik e.K.

Start of independent production of feed mixer wagons including sales in Mertsee. Entry of the Hirl brothers (Alois, Tobias, Christoph) into the company, which is then expanded into a GmbH & Co. KG. Tobias Hirl is appointed managing director.

1980: Hirl GmbH

Hirl-Landtechnik GmbH is founded. Alois Hirl buys the first mixer wagon for his own company in Italy. A distribution for Italian mixer wagons is set up. The Hirl company adapts the mixer feeders for the German market and the first self-propelled machines with Italian mixing containers are assembled in Mertsee. In addition, the product range is being expanded - Hirl Landtechnik now offers silos for bulk material storage.